Scaling Teacher Training through Digital Channels


K-12 education is a personal calling for teachers, and hopefully a deeply engaging experience for students that can set the foundation for lifelong learning. However, great teaching requires intensive training based on proven frameworks, which can put a strain on finite school resources.

So, when the largest primary education board in the United States, SREB, needed to revolutionize its approach to training teachers throughout the Southern United States, it turned to Formative to create a digital plan and phased roadmap to scale across member districts.


As a starting point, Formative undertook deep ethnographic research in school systems, observing how teachers use SREB frameworks in their classrooms, how trainers engage in coaching sessions with teachers, and how principals manage programs across classrooms in their schools, knowing that well-designed solutions are born from a thorough understand of the audiences they serve. This work was further informed by an audit of internal SREB capabilities and the broader tech landscape, and analysis of survey research and existing program data.

From these inputs, Formative outlined a series of strategies, platform recommendations, and an implementation roadmap to enhance and scale face-to-face programs via digital channels. This approach was ratified by the President of SREB and program and leads from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Formative is now working with SREB to implement recommendations.