Uncovering the Relationship Between Parking and Profits


Everyone knows traffic is, at best, a headache. More often than not, it’s a massive inconvenience, wreaking all sorts of havoc like missed flights, delayed appointments, and the all-too-familiar ‘I’m running late’ text. But what’s less known is that parking is a similar burden, costing companies and consumers billions of dollars each year. Unlike traffic tech solutions, which have gotten increasingly pervasive, parking solutions are not as well-known.

So, the mindless lot circling continues – costing time, money, and overall civility. When INRIX was ready to launch and scale its enterprise parking management solution, the team turned to Formative to develop a lead-generation and nurture campaign to support their marketing and sales teams in ramping the solution to businesses, sports venues, and healthcare facilities (key targets of parking inefficiencies).


Formative developed, launched, managed, and measured a fully-integrated campaign, starting with deep audience insight. The team provided in-depth strategy and planning on understanding audience segments – working across INRIX global offices to represent the needs and perspectives of different markets.

Our team then built a media plan comprised of multiple digital channels: premium display, retargeting, and the most relevant social channels. Formative’s creative team built all-up creative concepts and messaging for the campaign, and the development team built direct-response templates and landing pages hooked into INRIX CRM/MA platforms to deliver and nurture leads via email. The result of the campaign was a set of enterprise-class leads, delivered at higher-than-industry-average performance, for the INRIX sales team to chase.