Shining a light on the world's best navigation technology


When you think of traffic, navigation and parking logistics technology, INRIX isn't the first name that comes to mind. Yet it out-innovates even the big players in the sector. In fact, many major applications in the market have ‘INRIX inside.’

So when INRIX takes the stage at key auto and industry events, it needs to tell a story that makes a lasting impression; one with both visual punch and a narrative that lets this innovation shine through. That’s where Formative comes in.


Through a series of interactive digital demos, and video walls, Formative continues to help INRIX executives showcase not just features and benefits, but how INRIX is fundamentally changing the world of connected cars and sectors from insurance to logistics to city planning.

So while INRIX isn’t yet a household name, Formative is definitely helping the company make a splash with auto elites.