Global Citizen

Creating a Digital Advocacy Platform


Global Citizen is an organization working to end poverty and inequality around the world, with a unique model that allows supporters to earn tickets to festival concerts through advocacy actions.

Armed with a major grant from one of the world’s largest foundations, leadership was looking to expand the organization’s reach and impact through new member experiences, digital content and campaigns, and an enhanced platform to support them. They needed help, so they engaged Formative, and we got to work.


Formative started by generating insights through community member research, data analysis and testing against a structured learning agenda. These insights were used to redesign Global Citizen’s member experience, moving from campaigns to a monolithic ‘member base’ to more focused features, content and channel plans, based on persona-based segments, with different needs, attitudes and motivations.

Formative then led the redesign of the platform. Based on this work, Global Citizen has deepened engagement with its audiences, and successfully expanded its digital operations, including email and social programs, and content partnerships. Most importantly, it’s expanding its network of engaged advocates working to end global poverty.