Marketing Strategy for Homelessness / Housing Services


The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) is one of the most influential public housing organizations in the United States. As one of the premier supportive service providers for the homeless and affordable housing sector, they provide education and hands-on technical assistance to help government and private sector organizations serving these populations become dramatically better at what they do. CSH offers broad, sweeping, thorough solutions – but has been challenged in

getting the word out about these services and the impact they can have. In addition to training, CSH coordinates and provides funding to support the development of such housing. Seeing an opportunity for enhanced revenue programs, and also knowing the need for improved marketing communications, CSH recognized strategic marketing services would benefit its work in this crucial space.


The Formative team began its work with CSH by providing a series of marketing training workshops – working with CSH’s most senior marketing leadership – to dial in audience needs, program opportunities, and positioning/communication priorities. One of the biggest issues CSH had was a lack of easy access to resources and documentation for their many audience segments. As we completed new user journeys and persona work, we were able to create a new taxonomy to make it easier to get to those sections and consume the content. Previously, CSH audience members were making less-thorough decisions

because they didn’t have access to the type of content CSH produces and offers. They didn’t know the threading between housing and healthcare challenges. They couldn’t find financial documentation on how to submit for funding. And so, they were delayed - and sometimes, they missed opportunities in mobilizing around these ultra-critical topics that many depended on for safety, physical, and emotional well-being. Our ongoing work with CSH helps to arm them with the best thinking in marketing and product delivery.