Adam Stalker VP Social Impact

Darlene Campos Digital Marketing Manager

Darlene is probably up before you, blending her management consulting and digital media backgrounds to craft new client strategies (with plenty of coffee in hand). Over the years, Darlene has led engagements across healthcare, education, fashion, e-commerce, and energy industries¬¬ – it’s safe to say she’s never bored. Always up for an adventure, she can usually be found with a yoga mat, camera, or passport nearby.

Drew Warren Managing Analyst

With a background in SMM, SEM, and SEO, Drew brings a wealth of practical and strategic measurement experience to projects. Drew has developed and implemented measurement plans to solve a range of complex problems, from rolling out teaching frameworks, to managing custom communities and engaging with influencers. If he’s not presenting insights and recommendations to clients, you can find him buried in data, jamming to hip hop and funk with a fresh cup of Genmaicha.

Elizabeth Yanak Social Media Analyst

Elizabeth is Formative’s resident social media guru and cat lady. She began her career telling stories and engaging audiences at design leader Artefact, and honing her PR skills at her alma mater Western Washington University. When she’s not composing Tweets or perusing Instagram, you’ll likely find Elizabeth curled up somewhere with a book (and snack) in hand.

Gorden Natalenko Analytics Manager

Gorden is a data detective with a background in digital and web analytics. He’s helped judo-chop data into insights and recommendations for clients such as the Gates Foundation, Microsoft, and T-Mobile, while moving them up the analytics maturity curve. When he’s not sleuthing around in a data crime scene, he enjoys watching scary movies, attending TEDx events, and listening to Deep House.

Heidi Funston Ops & HR Coordinator

Heidi, the illustrious project coordinator at Formative, keeps the drumbeat going for key client deliverables, as well as the culture and atmosphere of the Formative office. A graduate of Eastern Washington University, Heidi sits on the Young Professionals Board for Treehouse - and spends her spare time with family and friends, crocheting, baking, and doing yoga (sometimes at the same time). Her favorite summer destination: Priest Lake, Idaho!

Kazim Ali Strategy Director

Kazim is a business strategist living in an agency world. At Formative, he gets to apply his experience as a management consultant and former startup executive to solve complex digital problems at the intersection of strategy, marketing, and technology. Over the years, Kazim has led engagements in both the private (Fortune 50) and public (Defense, Treasury) sectors. Kazim is an autodidact by nature – always looking to pick up something new whether it’s woodworking, racquetball, or learning his next client's industry. He loves lazy days at home with his wife and dog; the dog might run their lives, but if you saw his face you’d understand.

Mark Doyle Chief Marketing & Brand Officer

Mark dons the marketing and brand hat for all client work at Formative. Throughout his agency tenure, Mark has led engagements with Nike, Microsoft, Best Buy, Magento and a slew of other fan-favorite brands. Sandwiched in the middle, a ten-year run at Intel saw him drive a number of marketing and business development functions, working across the globe. Mark is happiest at home with his wife and their five (not a typo) children. Also pretty happy with a slice of pizza in-hand.

William Flaiz VP, Communication Programs & Platforms

William is an eternally optimistic veteran of technology and digital marketing. Having led teams across multiple disciplines, he has developed an appreciation for the art and science of marketing. In the past he has led teams, worked with clients, said “ROI” more than once, and attended an award show for something in the marketing field. Focusing on CRM and Marketing Automation for Formative, William helps clients understand that email addresses are people too, connecting with customers is not a one-way conversation, and data is important, but experiences drive value. He’s happiest when unplugged and on a motorcycle, on a golf course, taking a road trip and exploring the country, or getting a hug from co-workers (that last one is not true).

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